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Institutional Repository at the University of Florida [email protected]: Honors Theses

Undergraduate Honors Theses

❶Search this Guide Search. The length and style of the writing component varies by the type of Honors thesis.

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Be sure to file the appropriate Thesis Proposal Application form before you start. Complete this form, upload a. Your Completion Form will be routed to your faculty thesis director, second reader, and College Honors Director for approval.

Skip to main content. Connect with us on Facebook! Honors Thesis Information While most students research a topic of interest in their majors and develop a paper on that topic to complete their honors thesis requirements, there are multiple ways to approach this capstone to your honors education. Honors Thesis Handbook Are you about to begin your honors thesis semester? Accessibility Legal and Trademarks Safety Webmaster. Missing the deadline for your Libraries submission will not affect your graduation status.

Search this Guide Search. Research assistance For research help, check in with your Subject Specialist Librarian. Submitting to the Libraries Do I need to submit? What do I submit? How do I submit? Why should I submit? Deadlines For most departments, you must submit the final version of your work to the department for approval before you can graduate with Honors.

For preservation purposes, you need to submit the approved version of your Honors work to the Libraries. Thesis or project file s: For traditional research papers, essays, and articles, please submit a standard PDF file.

What is the context for your investigation of this topic in other words, what relevant secondary materials have been published on your topic? How are you going to investigate this topic?

What conclusions do you anticipate? Essentially, you are formulating a tentative thesis about your topic, and proposing a line of argument and methodology to support it. Be absolutely certain that you understand the difference between a topic defined area of study and a thesis a statement of the argument you intend to make: The bibliography should contain a minimum of ten to twelve specific secondary sources and use the documentation style relevant to your subject.

Your proposal will be reviewed by the Senior Honors Thesis Committee, and it may be returned to you with suggestions for revision. A creative senior honors thesis gives serious critical consideration to an original literary, theatrical, or musical composition; a body of original visual art, or a significant creative role in a theatrical or musical performance. For a thesis in the visual arts, a student should consider artistic influences and inspiration, as well as the cultural context for the creative project.

A significant component of the creative thesis will address the critical research process through which the student has made certain creative choices. It should detail the evolutionary process leading to a performance or composition; the resulting work of art, ideally, makes a contribution to an existing body of creative work, rather than merely replicating a form or style. Following the General Guidelines for the University Honors Thesis, the creative thesis should be accompanied by a bibliography see General Guidelines for other such requirements.

Like all theses, a creative senior honors thesis necessitates long-range planning under the direction of a faculty advisor who is an academic expert in the field. The thesis committee may include these faculty members, in addition to an extra-disciplinary faculty member appointed by the Honors Thesis Committee. You will be examined on your completed thesis by a committee of three faculty members who shall be: At least one member of your committee generally the representative of the Senior Honors Thesis Committee must be based in a department other than your major.

Start looking for a third reader at least a month before the deadline and advise the thesis coordinator Sarah Springer of your choice once this individual is confirmed. Because the end of each semester is typically very busy for all involved, please start polling all committee members well in advance for available days and times for the oral defense.

Leave enough time between the defense and the deadline for turning in the final thesis to allow for revisions about one week. When writing and presenting your thesis, please keep in mind that the Senior Honors Thesis Committee representative will often be from outside your discipline and might not be familiar with some disciplinary jargon or assumed background.

Thus, thesis writers are required to include a brief lay summary of their thesis projects in addition to any formal abstract that may be typical within your chosen discipline. Ideally, the final draft of the thesis i. Some committee members prefer hard copies and others electronic versions; ask committee members for their preference and make the document available to them accordingly.

Students are required to seek out room reservations at least two weeks in advance of their proposed defense date. Also, students are encouraged to seek spaces in their major departments to hold their defenses before they consult Honors for room availability.

There are only two classrooms available to students to use for defenses through the Honors Program:

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Junior and Senior FSU students can earn Honors in the Major by completing and defending an Honors Thesis in their major. "If I got the chance to spend my life working to help others, I could not be more rewarded." The Honors Program Honors Way, Suite Tallahassee, FL Other important Sites.

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An honors thesis should replicate—on a smaller scale—the appearance of a dissertation or master’s thesis. So, you need to include the “trappings” of a formal piece of academic work. For specific questions on formatting matters, check with your department to see if it has a style guide that you should use. Honors Thesis Rationale All Honors students must complete a thesis in order to fulfill the requirements for graduation with honors. This project is the culmination of your disciplinary study.

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The Honors Thesis is the capstone of a student's curricular experience within the Honors Program. Our two-semester model has produced excellent results and an extremely high completion rate. Learn More. Honors theses are as varied as Butler’s student body. Theses range from original research in the humanities and sciences, to teaching portfolios, to video productions, to performances and creative writing. Visit as many of the links below as you like.