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❶The narrator is fourteen years old, while Sheila is seventeen.

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Ask us any question on any subject and get the help you need fast. Your Questions All Questions Answered. Order by Date Order by Price. What were the fastest-growing religions in America by ?

Provide an example of an utopia The fastest-growing religions in the United States by were evangelical Protestant sects, including Methodism and the Baptists. These religions were especially popular with ordinary Americans, Religion seems to come to the fore toward the end of the story, as the grandmother tells the Misfit that he should pray to Jesus for help. The Misfit, however, blames Jesus for his problems What is a summary of The Country of the Blind?

How do grudges and self-interest drive the Salem witch trials? In the austere, religious Puritan society, longstanding negative feelings, grievances, and grudges between neighbors help fuel the hysteria surrounding the witch trials, as citizens seeking How did sabotage and self-interest lead to the Salem hangings?

It was published and first performed on stage in What are two examples of earthquakes that occur along diverging plates and transforming plates? There is a lot of wiggle room with this question. It is unclear if it is asking about recent earthquakes along those two boundary types, or if it is asking about general earthquake characteristics This question is a little vague on exactly what we are looking for. If we are talking about a curriculum adoption cycle, then yes, a school should at the very least confer with special teachers I need to find an example of hyperbole in Up from Slavery, and I am confused on what that would be.

Hyperbole is an example of overstatement. It is characterized by the use of exaggerated language to heighten or further a rhetorical effect. One representative example of of hyperbole is in chapter What makes him a Who was the perpetrator in the Book thief. How does Ms Jewels end up contradicting herself. In Chapter 3 Mrs. Jewls tries her level best to teach Joe to count. Eventually, she gives up, What implications are in the title of "City Planners"? When the poem was published in , it immediately became popular among the public due to its hypnotic cadence and dark but Ther term distinguishes between those societies that had the means to develop agriculture, and those that did not.

What career did Bernard choose and what special opprotunity did Brenard achieve later in life? As a child, Bernard is depicted as an unathletic, intelligent boy, who looks up to Biff and tries his best to warn him about studying for his math exam.

Willy looks down on Bernard as a child and At the beginning of the short story, Whitney tells Rainsford that nearby is an ominous place referred to as Ship-Trap island. Unfortunately, Rainsford cannot see the island from the yacht because How does yhe shift in structure from an autobiographical tale to a "bedtime story" affect the It also, and most The speaker tries to suggest that death should not cause the couple to be sad or to mourn because their "two souls [ What terrified the pirates.

The role of women in society and politics changed greatly during the late 19th century. In America, these major changes occurred during the Industrial Revolution. For the first time, women were How do Ben and the rest of the Lovatt children interact? The four children fear their baby brother. This is because he exhibits strange traits.

The answer to your question is yes. It certainly makes for a dramatic It is simply unfair and unjust to expect a woman to be like a "doll" Discuss what cooperative federalism entails, especially in terms of how federal power had been The following plot elements are generally covered in a short story:.

The basic structure or format of a short story describes a main character or hero who tries to overcome a conflict. In a novel there will be several conflicts or complications that lead up to the climax. Because a short story is shorter, there is usually just one conflict that the main character deals with. The climax may occur as the character overcomes the conflict after many tries. Another difference in short stories is that there will usually be fewer complications and conflicts and there will be fewer well-developed characters.

In addition, the time that elapses in many short stories is less than that in most novels. Instead of a month or a year, a short story may take place in a day or even an afternoon. The setting is not always as important in a short story as in a novel. These are similar to a novel. The story can be told from the following point of view:. The best place to start to learn more about writing is to study the masters of the short story.

Many classic short stories are available online or at your local library. Henry are just a few of the great writers who penned stories that engage readers. After getting inspiration fromt the masters, complete the following activity:. Short Story Practice Idea. One specific practice idea that students of any age can do is to complete the following project that compares two short stories and presents the information in a poster.

Choose two short stories. Make a poster that compares two of the following items or elements in the three stories:. The posters must include the name and author of each story.

In addition, make sure to show examples of the two elements. This can be done with a combination of symbols, pictures, short quotes or brief explanations. This will give you a visual when writing your own short story. Elements of a Short Story, Ms. What Makes It Different? The following plot elements are generally covered in a short story:

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Plot is essential to any story. Plots tend to follow a structure where the action rises to a climax, then falls as the situation is resolved.

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