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How to Not Suck at Writing

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A Guide to Getting a Decent Grade on your Essay
help my essay is too short

A lot of what goes into your first draft is inessential. Finally, go through your essay sentence by sentence , with attention to clarity and wordiness.

Changing passive voice to active voice and keeping an eye out for common editing pitfalls will help you find places to eliminate extra words. All that ship is in the Suck Prevention Guide. But an essay where the student has farmed with the margins and font sizes, then rambled pointlessly for a page and a half to fill space? That will turn me into a dragon that breathes fire and zeroes.

Is there a counter-argument that scholars in the field sometimes make? That should give you at least two more paragraphs. This is a specific example of whatever the farm your essay is about, which you will use to show why your argument is valid.

Then and this is the important part!! The students were more willing to learn essay-writing skills when they thought it was saving, and not creating, work. You will end up re-ordering your essay , and you might need to make a new thesis statement, but you should be able to copy and paste the bulk of your first draft into your new essay. Really happy to use this service. It is great to know that in this world of deceit, there are some genuine custom essay services, and 6DollarEssay.

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I dont feel comfortable with a genetic heroin addict serial killer in my class. Yea, kind of a shit trade-off, looking back. We should be reddit heroin addict parents friends. I always relished thinking about the horror on the teachers face as he or she read my essays. The essay was actually supposed to be about the Dutch Revolution. This kid just started out talking about thanksgiving for some reason. The trick is to start putting in metaphors. For my GCSE English essay the prompt was "Describe your house" and I wrote about a twisted macabre villa of torment cast in twain between two opposing psyches that fought constantly for control and it generally got pretty trippy.

Really I was describing a normal 4 bedroom suburban home with a clean-freak Dad and a slob-mother. Also another trick, put in a semi-colon somewhere. Just take a place where you would have had a full stop between two related sentences and change it; easy marks. Pretty rough, but you get the idea. If it makes you feel better, your exams seem unnecessarily cruel.

However none of our exams are ever graded on a curve. Almost no US grades are on a real curve either. We call this a curve although it is not actually what the term grading on a curve refers to. Actually grading on a curve is pretty rare in the US and is generally only done by professional schools such as law schools and MBA programs.

We had to do one of those personal stories for English class once. I decided to write a guide on how to take over the world instead. That seriously was the prompt when I was in 5th grade. I still remember it because it was so stupid.

In my school, we had to put together a writing portfolio for senior year that could comprise of essays, poems, memoirs, short stories, editorials, etc. This could be something for one of those. In 11th grade my first essay of the year was suppose to be my version of "The American Dream" and what it meant to me. I wrote an essay about conformity. My teacher was a child of the sixties, so that worked for a little while. I had no friends. My parents had no friends. I knew nothing about my community.

I wrote about that. We are the greedy assholes of the blood world. Of course everyone wants our plasma. You should both donate blood as often as possible. People with common blood types should donate often too. Common blood means it can go about anywhere and be useful.

Less about the saving lives more about the free cup of tea and biscuits they give me after. Not the person you commented to, but as a four year old at the time, I distinctly remember the end of the world occurring. I think I had a juice box.

Remember when Independence Day came out? There was so much hype around that movie! I think I saw it 3 times on the first day. Midnight showing, a showing at lunch with some friends, and another group of friends in the evening. It was SO good.

But then there was The Arrival, which I thought was a bit underrated and overshadowed. Independence Day blew me away, though. Our modern computers were based off of the alien technology gathered from the crashed alien ship at area As a teacher, this is why page requirements are a horrible idea. If you can convey your idea to me in two pages, great.

In fact, when I get papers that are too wordy, I cross out unnecessary things. I would also rather you turn your paper in a day late, but thoroughly completed, rather than rushed to make a deadline.

It makes any edits or revisions I make more meaningful, and it gives you a chance to improve more. Mine were always based on word count.

If you can say all the important stuff in 1 sentence then 1 sentence is enough. Has anyone else here secretly made their periods size 16? Kerning adjusts the space between individual letter forms, while tracking letter-spacing adjusts spacing uniformly over a range of characters!

For assignments where you turned it in electronically, there was the trick of opening it in notepad and corrupting it. Those goddamn transmission errors, right teach? I had a friend fail Senior English that way, years ago. Turned in the final essay unreadable on purpose. Teacher said, "Too bad. Onus was on you to turn in a readable copy.

Turn a 1" margin to 1. Same with line spacing. I had a professor that showed us a paper that he had at his office that he says he places behind every paper he grades. It was a solid block of text with three spaces above for your name, date, and title. If you strayed from those demensions, or your text size was off- automatic F. Blanks out last name only With all the descriptive information there, I think someone could find him.

That was my first thought too. Next I wondered why anyone would bother This guy is in for a surprise soon. As someone who has sleuthed out multiple reddit identities before, he is surprisingly safe. Insert a quote block. I used to do all sorts of stuff. Obviously an empty line at the top of the page before the heading or if you have headers, an empty line before that. Variations on font size, bigger indention, 2. Probably a few others I forgot about. If I quoted something four lines long any time after year 9 I would expect a red mark next to it telling me to just include the point it was making in the prose and cite it.

We killed the zombie turkey with the carving knife, but it was too late. Poor cousin Timmy was turning into a zombie himself.

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