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Assignment Expert provides you with experts in Java:
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I like kids to write fully functional programs from scratch. And the school district already pays me to grade Have a look at Mooshak: Automatic grading is why people graduate without being able to write half-way decent code. All automatic grading does is test whether your problem passes the grading system, not whether your code is any good.

Are those assignments still being used in your class? Yes, I use these assignments currently. If kids want to cheat, they can certainly find a way whether or not I post my solutions online. I would totally be a high school teacher for free; the school district basically pays me to grade.

Do you mean this subreddit or there is a subreddit already exists for your website? If so, you should include in your website and your post.

Could you add "Previous Assignment" and "Next Assignment" buttons? I feel like that will be a better way to navigate than going back to the main page. Further, some buttons such as "Jump to Assignment" and "Return to Home" would make the navigation more intuitive. I have just started a Java course and have been looking for something like this. Thank you very much! CMS or database-driven script? Obviously a bit more complexity and more of an undertaking than static HTML, but projects like that can be rather fun as well.

I write the assignments by hand in HTML. One of the current dealbreakers to "threading", though is that I teach 4 course CS-1, CS-2, Web Devel and Video Game Devel , and the assignment descriptions are shared but the "previous" and "next" assignments vary per course. I am teaching myself Java now and this is brilliant. Wish I had this website while I was in education. I heard that dailyprogrammer is too hard for newcomers, because the bar for all difficulties of assignments has been gradually increased as time passed since its start.

Some of the more recent easy ones are pretty easy, but if you are having trouble with the later ones just go back to the early ones. Most of the assignments are non-specific to any language. The intent is to gradually build on experience and knowledge gained from the previous assignment. You could very easily apply the assignment progression to another language like. Some of the assignments do have samples written in Java. In particular, the ones dealing with graphics. However, by the time you reach those, you should have gained enough familiarity with.

Net that you will know where in your book to find the information needed to create a similar sample. The hardest assignment on here still leaves you quite a bit short of Android development. It would be a good foundation, though. Can these assignments be done in other languages? Depending on the programming language, there are a few other assignments that would translate poorly. And thank you for your contribution! These should come in handy so I can learn a bit more about Java before starting my Intro to Programming class in the Fall.

Wow dude, this is rock solid. Each of your lessons are exactly what people need, a slow and steady build of confidence. It is aesthetically pleasing, gets the point across and minimalist.

Thanks for doing this, I wish more people had a passion for education like you, it reflects in your content. They write what "ought to work" on people like themselves. I know what actually works.

Remember, you should have spent a good amount of time in the last assignment learning how to install a text editor, run the text editor, run a command prompt,. I have his written emailed permission to modify his "Learn Python the Hard Way" assignments for Java. Have you looked at javabat?

Yes, my 2nd-year students can earn points by working on javabat problems as well. That site is also very well done. It is very handy for both. This is wonderful, thank you very much. Thanks for posting this! Linux seems to default to OpenJDK. If you want Oracle Java 7 it is complicated, hence the instructions. Oracle can die in a fire for all I care. Sun Microsystems would be a different story, though.

Thanks for this, I am just getting into learning Java my first language and I have been searching for exactly this! I am taking Java this semester and this will help me out a lot! This is really great submission, thank you!! Thanks for this I will definitely check this out.

Guess I should stop getting frustrated and give it a go. Thank you so much! As someone who just started an intro Java class, you couldnt have had better timing with this! What do you see when you open up a command prompt for the first time?

When you downloaded the SineWave. I moved it to my "CompSci" folder i created for the class. And yes in my documents folder. As someone who works in IT and is always looking to understand more, this is awesome. This is how far you get with this before you need either an instructor or a better explanation of what is expected. Good stuff so far though. No, that is how far YOU got.

You are just one more awesome data point. You need to reload the Compiler Check assignment press F5. The link is definitely fixed, and it goes to jdk-install. Also is there a sample solution code for the more advanced assignments? At the moment, no. Today is a VERY light grading day, though: I only have assignments to grade.

It happens to the best of us. Link for the uninitiated: That website brings back awesome memories. I thought that the latter was the correct thing to do with Swing. Both questions are WAY beyond the scope of even my second-year course. Java happens to be the language my school currently uses. I do have a few sample assignments that use timers and that import from java.

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Welcome to Reddit, the front page of the internet. Become a Redditor and subscribe to one of thousands of communities. I almost never lecture. They work through the assignments at their own pace. The concepts move at normal person speed. Hopefully the programs are at least somewhat interesting. My assignments are at programmingbydoing.

Cheers, and thanks for reading this far. Our specialists have experience in this, having developed many java projects for a number of different applications. The Best Programming Language: Python on the Rise. Keeping up… Read more…. Modeling Projectile Motion Using Python. Any system or process can be described by some mathematical equations. Does security service of a… Read more….

You can forget to allocate or… Read more…. Our experts will gladly share their knowledge and help you with programming homework. Just provide us with clear instructions and wait for the completed assignment. Assignment Expert provides you with experts in Java: Assignment Expert gives you high-quality Java homework help: D degree levels; payment, feedback, and contact methods are secure and reliable; we provide you with safety and confidentiality never sharing your information with anyone for any reason.

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